EveryBlock Guide


Welcome to the EveryBlock neighborhood!

This is our user guide. Here, you’ll be able to find everything you need to get started with EveryBlock.

This guide will be a growing resource. As we add new features to the site, and integrate feedback from our users, we will continue to develop materials to help you along the way.

If you have difficulty figuring anything out, just let us know! We’re glad to help. We may even add your issue to our guide, helping other users that encounter similar problems.

EveryBlock Guide Content

The User Guide is organized with basic materials at the beginning, and grows in complexity as it covers more areas of the site. Choose where to start based on your own level of comfort with the information.

  1. Learn the basics – All you need to get started

    1. How to create and log in to an account

    2. How to post and comment on EveryBlock

    3. Types of content on EveryBlock

    4. How to find content on EveryBlock

  2. Being a good Neighbor – Finding your neighbors and getting involved

    1. How to follow neighborhoods

    2. How to draw your own custom neighborhood

    3. How to update your personal user profile

    4. Inviting your friends and neighbors to join

    5. Subscribing to threads

    6. How to browse and post events listings on EveryBlock.
    7. Reaching out to your neighbors (posting, commenting and emailing. When to use each.)

    8. EveryBlock Dos and Don’ts

    9. Making sure your content is seen

    10. Our community ideals
  3. Types of Content on EveryBlock – There’s a lot happening if you know where to look

    1. Neighbor messages

    2. Public records

    3. Media mentions

  4. Advanced Features – New features, tips and tricks for our advanced users

    1. How to set email preferences

    2. Using the EveryBlock blog

    3. Self moderation (mute, hide thread, unneighborly, thanks)

    4. Send a private message